Our Lawn Care Franchise Opportunity Depends on a Way of Doing Business That Has Stood the Test of Time

The world of business is constantly evolving, with new startups and innovative models being introduced all the time. But amidst all this change, one time-tested approach continues to thrive: franchising. A Clintar lawn care franchise relies on a business model that has stood the test of time, a model that giants like McDonald’s or Subway owe their success to. But it’s important to remember that these brands are made up of thousands of independently owned and operated locations. A franchise brand is, in fact, a collection of small business owners who run their franchises on their own (with help from the franchisor) and who make important decisions about them every day. 

Becoming part of a franchise brand is a great way to feel the rewards of business ownership without shouldering all the responsibilities yourself; you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself, and it’s this sense of security, among other perks, that has allowed the franchise model such longevity. But why else has the model thrived?

Here, we’ll take a brief look at the history of the franchise model, a few more reasons why it’s such a popular one, and some important questions you should ask of a franchisor before deciding on an investment with them.  

From Ancient Breads to Modern Soda Pops

The seeds of franchising were sown in the distant past. Ancient Roman bakers granted others the right to use their brand and recipes, while medieval Europe saw skilled craftsmen licensing their expertise to apprentices. It wasn't until the 19th century, however, that franchising truly blossomed in the US. Isaac Singer, the sewing machine innovator, is often credited with pioneering the modern model, granting licenses to local entrepreneurs to sell his invention. It didn’t take long for the wisdom and cost efficiency of this approach to catch on, and hotels, car dealerships, and even soft drinks soon followed.

The 20th century saw franchising explode onto the global stage. Fast-food giants like the aforementioned McDonald's leveraged the model to become household names, with their standardized operations and brand recognition paving the way for rapid expansion. Today, franchising generates trillions of dollars worldwide and employs millions of people. So, what’s fueling this ongoing success?

The Strengths of the Franchise Model

Starting a small business is an exciting journey, and many would-be entrepreneurs decide to do so on their own as independent owners, taking on all the responsibilities themselves. It’s an admirable way to go, but it’s not for the faint of heart. We believe a better way to become a commercial landscaping business owner is to partner with a franchise brand like Clintar. That’s partly because the franchise model comes with so many built-in perks that can make business ownership easier to navigate. These advantages include:

Not All Commercial Landscaping Franchises Are Created Equal

While the advantages of franchising are undeniable, it's not a guaranteed path to success. Choosing the right franchise brand to invest in is crucial, as success hinges on factors like brand strength, industry trends, and individual effort. 

Given this, some of the most important, if not the most important, questions potential franchise owners should ask a franchisor are those that have to do with the industry the brand sits in. Why? Because the vitality of an industry will determine just how successful you’ll ultimately be in it. Your industry questions should include:

Some basic research will reveal that the commercial landscaping and snow removal industry is a robust and resilient one, and Clintar is a leader in it! We have over 50 years of providing exceptional commercial landscaping and snow and ice removal services to businesses big and small, and we use our deep industry knowledge to help position our franchisees for growth. Add to that bigger territories in which to grow and exceptional networking opportunities, and you can begin to truly appreciate why a Clintar lawn care franchise investment makes great sense.

A Clintar franchise investment opportunity takes advantage of the franchise model to the fullest, so reach out today to learn more about starting your franchise journey with us.

How We’ll Help You Establish and Grow Your Clintar Commercial Landscape Company

Opening a commercial landscape company with Clintar is an exciting process that involves a number of steps, and with each one, you'll feel more fully prepared to leverage our business model to make the most of our recession-resistant industry. But once you open your franchise, you'll need to work to establish it through various ways, including marketing your services, networking with your community, and taking advantage of ongoing educational opportunities. 

The good news is, we're here to help! In this blog, we'll discuss what it takes to establish your Clintar landscape franchise and how our deep industry knowledge will help you do it more efficiently and productively.

Some Key Considerations

There’s a lot that goes into building a successful small business, and independent owners of commercial landscaping companies must often handle the responsibilities and challenges on their own. But Clintar franchise owners can count on our ongoing support in areas essential to the growth and establishment of their franchises. Below are some important factors that go into growing a successful business and how we help our franchise owners navigate them.

Developing a strong brand identity through logos, marketing materials, and a compelling narrative is crucial. Effective branding sets a franchise apart from competitors, instills trust in clients, and fosters brand loyalty. Consistency in branding across all touchpoints helps to establish a recognizable market presence.

Because Clintar has been a leading North American commercial landscape provider for decades, our branding is well established. Our franchise owners benefit from recognizable assets like logos and uniforms, and our reputation for excellence precedes us. This puts our franchise owners in the unique position of enjoying near-instantaneous brand recognition. 

Our clients come to us knowing they can count on us for a comprehensive approach to landscaping and snow and ice removal, and your franchise will stand ahead of the competition as a result.

Client growth goes hand in hand with brand recognition. Establishing a loyal client base is vital for sustained success. Implementing targeted marketing strategies, attending industry events, and leveraging digital platforms to showcase your franchise's services are effective ways to attract new clients. Additionally, nurturing existing client relationships through exceptional service, personalized attention, and loyalty programs, fosters repeat business and positive referrals.

We help our franchisees grow their clientele through regular targeted marketing to reach their best customers and through access to a customized Franchise Portal. This important resource provides franchise owners with all the information they need to run their landscape franchise successfully and includes documentation and PDFs for operations, accounting, sales and marketing, and much more.

The commercial landscape and snow removal industry is dynamic, with trends and technology evolving constantly. Franchisees must stay abreast of these changes, adapt strategies, and embrace innovation to remain competitive. 

The Clintar business model is a time-tested one and includes processes and procedures that have been shown to work across multiple channels. They not only help take the guesswork out of running your franchise but leave room for modification and scalability. Best of all, they’ll provide you with a level of efficiency that will allow you the time and energy needed to focus on customer growth and retention.

Additionally, our regular focus groups and council meetings target the specific needs of Clintar franchise owners — like marketing, hiring, safety, and more — and we’ve developed in-class and online training opportunities for owners to continue learning about best practices and industry trends.

Effective marketing strategies are essential for attracting clients. Utilize digital marketing, social media, networking events, and partnerships with local businesses to enhance visibility and generate leads. Building relationships within the community can also lead to valuable referrals and long-term partnerships.

Our corporate team knows how important it is to get the word out about your franchise on a regular basis, and we dedicate considerable time and resources toward that goal. Our targeted national and regional expert marketing includes digital marketing, targeted prospecting, and crafted messaging to reach your best customers. You’ll also have access to resources to help you craft your own local marketing initiatives.

We’re Commercial Landscaping Franchise Industry Leaders

The Clintar name has been synonymous with excellence and expertise for 50 years, and our franchise owners come to our opportunity knowing they’ll enjoy brand differentiators that will put them ahead of the curve. These include a B2B business model that simplifies operations and growth potential, a suite of services that run the gamut and keep franchise owners competitive, and major market availability. All this and more make now the perfect time to partner with Clintar to find out firsthand how we’ll help you establish and grow your commercial landscape business!

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about a Clintar franchise investment, so reach out today to learn more about our franchise opportunities!

From Home Office to Franchisee: A Clintar Success Story

In the many decades that Clintar has been in business, we've welcomed franchisees from all walks of life — some of them white-collar executives who were ready to make a career change, others who were in our industry as independent owners and converted their businesses to Clintar outdoor franchises. Still others began as part of the Clintar brand in our corporate office, working with franchisees on a daily basis to help them grow their businesses. It allowed them a unique perspective, one that reiterated just what an exceptional value a Clintar investment is. From there, it made sense for many of them to become Clintar franchise owners themselves.

One such person is Brent Giles. Keep reading to find out more about how he went from a Clintar corporate team member to a Clintar commercial landscaping franchise owner.

clintar landscape franchise employees

The Path to Clintar Ownership

Brent began his journey as part of the landscape and turfgrass industry, independently owning a residential landscape and snow removal company. After he sold it, he joined  Clintar at the corporate head office, helping our franchise owners establish and grow their own businesses. Brent then left Clintar to pursue a number of other industry startups but came back to our brand as a franchisee, ready to be a business owner in the industry again, but this time with a lot more help and brand power behind him!

A Network of Franchise Owners

As part of our corporate office, Brent already had a very good idea about all the benefits of franchise ownership with Clintar. But those benefits got much clearer once he became an owner himself. He quickly understood the value of our regular marketing efforts on his behalf, our continued research and development that keeps him ahead of the competition, and our important networking opportunities.

But perhaps more than anything, Brent appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with his fellow outdoor franchise owners.

“We’re only as good as the people around us,” says Brent. He has the chance to reach out to other franchise owners to pick their brains a little about pricing and clients and how they're managing the day-to-day operations of their franchises. “We definitely lean on each other,” he says. “We have the opportunity to utilize the network of the franchise system for the better of all of us.”

An Eye Toward the Future

Brent and his team have expanded dramatically and have seen meaningful growth over the last few years. Their team is committed to providing commercial property owners with the very best in landscaping and snow removal services and appreciate the opportunity to be of service in their community and to make properties safer and more attractive.

“We’re able to attract all sorts of demographics in our business,” says Brent. “We’ve got a nice, well-rounded team.”

Brent is excited by what the future holds for his Clintar commercial landscaping franchise and knows he can count on the corporate team he was once part of to help him achieve his growth goals. In fact, he is so confident of his industry and brand partnership with us that he has purchased rights to other territories to grow and expand his reach. 

“We’ve already seen a huge influx in sales and over the next two years will look to grow that (new) market substantially,” says Brent.

three clintar landscaping employees

Enjoy Important Perks

Becoming part of the Clintar franchise brand family to open your commercial landscaping business will get you important perks you simply won't be able to find with another brand partnership. These include larger protected territories for quicker growth, multiple revenue streams for dependable income, a time-tested business model to take the guesswork out of things, and much, much more. Best of all, our ongoing corporate support means you’ll always have the tools, knowledge, and training you need to not only establish your new business but grow it in ways that, as Brent Giles and many other Clintar franchise owners know, are truly gratifying.

Get in touch with the Clintar team today to find out more about our franchise family and how we support each other to reach our goals!

What Is an FDD and Why Is It Important to Your Franchise Journey?

What Is an FDD and Why Is It Important to Clintar Commercial Landscaping Companies?

Becoming part of the Clintar brand is an exciting process that involves many informative steps. One of the most important is setting aside time to review our Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD. An FDD is a comprehensive document that franchisors are required to provide to serious franchisee candidates. Ours covers everything you need to know about our commercial landscaping companies and our brand in general, including its history and key players. 

It’s vital that you’re as informed as possible before making any investment, and a careful review of Clintar’s FDD will help you become so. Here, we take a closer look at the role an FDD plays in your franchise journey and some of the topics it discusses.

franchisee onboarding and training seminar

Franchise Ownership: What Is Expected of You?

Joining the Clintar franchise family means you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself. However, you have the ability to make fundamental decisions on your own as you grow your franchise landscaping business. You also enjoy the security that comes with being part of something established, and that means adhering to specific guidelines and processes that are part of the Clintar brand. These are laid out in the Franchise Disclosure Document. While you have the freedom to run your franchise, adhering to our business model, utilizing our proprietary materials, and maintaining our brand’s culture is necessary. This consistency helps distinguish us from our competitors and sets us all up for success as we work to grow the Clintar name.

The Franchisor: What to Expect from Us?

We take the franchisee/franchisor relationship seriously, so some of the most important information our FDD provides about investing in our commercial landscaping companies concerns what to expect from us as your franchisor. Our Franchise Disclosure Document spells out exactly what our responsibilities are to you. Among other things, it outlines what kind of training and support you receive, as well as what marketing and operational resources you can expect as you establish and grow your franchise. The franchisee/franchisor relationship is a true partnership — one that is critical to the success of the Clintar brand — and our FDD reiterates that.

The Bottom Line: What Will Your Investment Look Like?

Most potential franchisees look forward to all the information contained in an FDD, but what many people are most interested in is the cost of investing in a brand. Our FDD clearly outlines that investment. You will learn what to expect regarding initial fees, including our franchise fee and ongoing costs, like our monthly royalty and marketing fee. In order to have a well-rounded view, it is important you have a clear sense of our financial expectations. Our FDD provides that as well.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about your required investment with us. Our FDD will give you the necessary information to help you decide whether a Clintar franchise opportunity fits your career and lifestyle goals. In addition, we are always available during the process to answer questions you might have. 

Our Story: The Brand History

An FDD contains a lot of information about a brand, including when it was formed, who its parent company is, any affiliates it may have, and so forth. It also covers who its C-suite leaders are, as well as those individuals below them, and what experience they have that make them good fits for the brand. Knowing who makes up our corporate team will help you appreciate what our team brings to a Clintar investment and how our vision and commitment have helped establish us as industry leaders.

clintar equipment and vehicles

Take Your Time to Review

Be sure to set aside plenty of time to review any FDD. It contains a lot of validated information that’ll help you make an educated decision about your investment. Often, our potential franchise owners go over our FDD with their attorneys, and beyond that, one of our franchise experts can be on hand to review the FDD item by item with you to make sure you understand it and to answer any questions you might have. 

To request a copy of our FDD or to find out more about a Clintar franchise opportunity, reach out to our knowledgeable team today!

Clintar Franchise Costs: What You Need to Know

We know when considering landscaping franchise opportunities, there are plenty of options to choose from. That's why it's important to do your homework and compare their value side by side. There are any number of factors to weigh, but perhaps one of the most important is cost — what do the actual numbers look like, and what do they get you?

The Clintar franchise cost is a comprehensive one that factors in everything you'll need to open your franchise successfully. Our franchise cost also gets you unique brand perks, like a turnkey business model, that truly elevates our opportunity as one of the very best in the industry. In this blog, we'll take a look at some numbers and what you can look forward to in terms of brand support and industry recognition.

Some Numbers to Consider

No matter what brand you decide to invest in, they all require you to pay certain fees and meet certain financial criteria. With this in mind, below are some Clintar investment numbers to consider:

We also look for candidates who demonstrate a credit score of 685 or more. Because we have decades of experience helping so many investors become Clintar franchise owners, we have a very good idea as to what your initial investment will look like. In total, you can expect to pay between $164,100 - $273,700, which includes expenditures like three month’s rent, any improvements to real estate, technology, and more. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay a monthly royalty of 6% against your gross sales.

We know our investment is one of the best in the industry and are proud of our affordable numbers. But we go a step further by offering qualified veterans $5,000 off our initial franchise fee as our way of saying thank you for their service.

franchisee training

A Proven Business Model and More

At the heart of a Clintar franchise opportunity is a time-tested business model that lays the groundwork for our franchise owners to excel in a recession-resistant industry. Not all brands can offer a model that has been as fine-tuned as ours, and we're exceptionally proud of everything it has to offer. Our B2B model features a suite of services that will establish you as a go-to resource for all of your communities’ commercial landscaping, lawn care, and snow and ice removal needs.

Additionally, your Clintar investment will get you important benefits that include:

We work hard to provide our franchise owners with an exceptional investment and are there for them every day, in robust ways, to help them make the most of it.

Who Makes the Ideal Clintar Franchise Candidate?

We love the fact that our opportunity appeals to a broad range of investors, some of whom are independent landscape business owners interested in converting their businesses to a Clintar franchise, and others who have no prior experience in our industry at all. We welcome all walks of life to our brand opportunity but prefer candidates who:

clintar operations team

Regardless of experience, all our new franchise owners will see unparalleled pre-opening training that will get them up to speed on our industry (for those new to it) and ready to leverage our flexible and comprehensive business model. After your franchise doors open, you can count on our regular expert marketing to help you stay in front of your best customers, our ongoing research and development, and informative and fun networking opportunities that will allow you to connect with the entire Clintar brand family!

We’re committed to the growth of our brand and the success of each and every one of our franchise owners. It’s what has allowed us to become a leader in our industry as we continue to set the standard for excellence and innovation.

To find out more about the Clintar franchise cost and all it comes with, get in touch today!

Why Is Clintar Such a Good Fit for Veterans?

At Clintar, we pride ourselves on franchise benefits with broad appeal. Over the 50 years we’ve been in business, we’ve helped franchisees from all walks of life join our robust and recession-resistant industry, and many of them have been veterans.

Veterans are unique people who know what it means to be selfless and dedicated, and we count ourselves lucky to have them in the Clintar family. Here, we’ll look at three reasons why our landscape franchise opportunity is a great one for veterans looking to transition back to civilian life in a meaningful way.

It’s About Service

The first word most people think of when they think of veterans is service — service to their country and their communities. Our veterans franchise opportunity is such a good one in part because of our own emphasis on that word, too.

Clintar franchise owners are proud to be there for commercial businesses, with a suite of services that meet a variety of important needs, from landscape and parking lot maintenance to snow and ice management. Veterans know what it’s like to be called upon, as do we, and when you open your Clintar franchise, regardless of whether you’re a veteran or not, you’ll quickly become an important resource in your community.

Good with Processes

If you’re a veteran, you likely have important experience that allows you to follow systems and procedures to achieve the best results. This is especially useful when owning and operating a Clintar franchise because it will allow you to fully leverage our time-tested business model. Following it will help you manage nearly every aspect of the day-to-day operations of your franchise, taking a lot of the guesswork out of things and freeing you up to concentrate on customer service and growth.

In fact, our business model has answers to just about every aspect of franchise ownership, including:

It’s important to remember that although one of our franchise benefits is our business model that acts as a road map of sorts, you'll still have plenty of room to make your business your own. We want our franchisees to feel supported but free to make essential day-to-day decisions on their own. This is your business, in your community, and with us by your side, you’ll be in business for yourself not by yourself.

Leadership Abilities

One of the most distinguishable characteristics of so many veterans is their ability to lead. This skill comes in very handy as a lawn care franchise owner. Operating your franchise with us will mean you’ll be acting as a role model while also carving out a place for yourself within your business community. Successful Clintar franchise owners never forget that they’re setting an example for those around them, including their employees, their clients, and the community at large, making their leadership skills a very important aspect of business ownership.

Clintar leadership team

No Industry Experience Is No Problem

As a veteran, you have unique insight into what it means to play an important role in your community and in the security of your country. But, you might not necessarily have commercial landscaping and lawn care experience. So, does that mean you can't take advantage of a Clintar franchise opportunity? The answer is absolutely not!

We ensure all our new franchise owners, regardless of their professional experience, see our expert training and support that allows them to fully leverage our time-tested business model to make the most of our recession-resistant industry. When you join the Clintar brand family, you can look forward to a training program that covers important topics like:

Learn more about our Clintar Training program

You can also look forward to having access to our proprietary Operations Manual, which details all our processes and procedures so you'll always feel knowledgeable about them. Add to that our national accounts program, dedicated franchise business managers, and our sales and marketing playbooks, and you can begin to appreciate just how exceptional our veterans' franchise opportunity truly is!

Clintar is a leader in the commercial landscaping and lawn care industry. To find out more about how you can take advantage of our franchise opportunity, get in touch today!

7 Steps to Successfully Starting a Landscaping Business

Seven Steps to Successfully Starting a Landscaping Business

Do you dream of being your own boss, setting your own hours, and making your own decisions? Do you have a passion for the outdoors and helping others create beautiful and functional spaces? If so, starting a landscaping business might be the perfect opportunity for you.

At Clintar, we’ve helped countless franchisees get their lawn care business off the ground in the fifty-plus years we have been in the industry. We want to share some of what we have learned in seven steps for you to follow when you decide to get started and take advantage of our franchising opportunity. 

Step 1: Do your research

The first step to starting any business is to get informed on your industry. This means familiarizing yourself with landscaping and snow removal services, finding your target market(s), and understanding your competition. It is also wise to develop a business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and financial projections from day one.

Clintar franchisees have access to a wealth of resources to help them with their market research and business planning. You can take advantage of our experience and industry relationships even before your doors open.

Step 2: Choose a business structure

Once you have a good understanding of the landscaping industry and your business goals, you need to choose a business structure. The most common business structures for landscaping businesses are sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited liability company (LLC). 

Making this choice can be both difficult in the short term and impactful in the long run. Rather than dealing with lawyers and complicated paperwork alone, why not open a Clintar lawn maintenance franchise instead? While we don’t provide the legal documentation you’ll need to operate your business, we can make ourselves available to help you understand your options and navigate the process. Best of all, once you’ve opened your franchise, you can count on our ongoing support to help you establish and grow your new business.

Step 3: Obtain the necessary licenses and permits

Depending on your location, you may need to obtain certain licenses and permits to operate a landscaping business. Be sure to check with your local government to find out about the required documentation.

We are eager to share what we know about necessary licenses and how to obtain them. You can certainly uncover these regulations on your own, or you can simply be informed by a member of our team well before the information becomes critical. 

Step 4: Purchase equipment

In our business, equipment is everything. We rely on lawnmowers, trimmers, and blowers, and that doesn’t even include the tools needed for snow and ice removal. Be sure to remember that equipment can be purchased or leased, new or used.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with leading vendors that allow franchisees to access the best tools for the job at competitive prices.

Step 5: Set up an internal operations system

An internal operations system is essential for running a successful landscaping business. This system is vital for tracking your customers, projects, finances, and inventory. We have systems, procedures, templates, and software available  to ensure your operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Step 6: Hire and train employees

Every landscaping business needs employees, so be sure to hire people who are qualified and experienced in the landscaping industry. You should also provide them with proper training.

It can be challenging to find employees with all the experience required. Each franchise owner  receives in-depth training that includes guidance on prospecting, hiring, and keeping the right employees. .

Step 7: Make sure to provide services year-round

One of the best ways to maximize your profits in the landscaping industry is to provide services year-round. This means not only being there for clients during the spring and summer months, but offering snow and ice removal services during winter, too.

As a Clintar franchisee, this is something you’ll be fully equipped to do. Being able to offer services 12 months a year means you’ll not only have dependable revenue streams that will keep you positioned for growth, but you’ll remain highly competitive and ready to meet the changing needs of commercial property owners.

Starting a landscaping business can be a rewarding experience. By following the steps above and taking advantage of the benefits that come with partnering with Clintar, you can increase your chances of success.

If you find yourself ready to take action on these steps and learn more about opening a Clintar commercial landscaping franchise, please visit our website or contact us today!

Year-Round Landscaping Franchises Lead Growing Industry

Year-Round Landscaping Franchises Lead Growing Industry

As winter approaches and spring and summer landscaping services are rendered unnecessary, take a second and imagine having a commercial landscaping franchise that provides essential services year-round, with a steady stream of customers, backed by a proven business model. That's what you can expect when you become a Clintar franchise owner.

With us, you'll be able to offer your customers a one-stop shop for all their outdoor servicing needs, from snow removal in the winter to landscaping in the warmer seasons. This convenience is a major selling point for customers as well as Clintar franchisees.

It is not only convenient for our customers, but it is also sound business practice. We have witnessed the value of winter services in a landscaping business firsthand. We are not alone in recognizing this, either. The Snow and Ice Management Association has released a report documenting this very trend.

Why Include Snow and Ice Removal?

The answer is simple. The snow and ice removal industry is strong. There has been an 18% growth in the snow removal industry, with client retention rates 18% higher than the average across industries. Clintar’s client retention rate is close to 95%!

Combining landscaping and snow removal services helps make Clintar one of the best outdoor franchise opportunities on the market, providing:

Recurring Revenue Your Franchise Can Benefit From

Our franchisees can expect a steady stream of revenue coming in, even during what other landscapers call the “off-season.” 

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Our franchisees have the ability to cross-sell services to any onboarding customers. For example, they may offer snow removal services to a customer one winter and then offer landscaping services in the spring. This allows franchisees to increase their revenue per customer and build stronger relationships.

Strong Customer Relationships

Customers love our franchisees for a number of reasons, in particular, the full range of outdoor services they provide. By working on location year-round, you and your staff can become trusted partners and advisors. We have come to understand that this is the best way to create repeat business and referrals.

External Factors Contributing to Commercial Landscaping Industry Growth

There are external influences outside of anyone’s control that contribute to our industry’s growth.

Benefits of Owning a Clintar Landscaping Franchise

The snow and ice removal industry is on the rise. We want to provide a proven business model, comprehensive support, and a strong brand name for the right entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a profitable and rewarding outdoor franchise opportunity, consider joining us in our expansion.

Visit our website to learn more about the Clintar investment opportunity and to complete an inquiry form today!

Clintar: Landscape Franchise Opportunities in the US Market

Canada’s leading landscape franchise is expanding to the United States. With over 50 years of experience in the landscape and snow/ice management industry, we have learned where our services can be most effective. And we see an opening.

We have worked tirelessly in the past five years to position ourselves as the leading provider of snow and ice removal services. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Snow Magazine recognized Clintar as the top Canadian snow removal business, and we placed second overall in North America without a single location south of the Canadian border. 

The US market for landscape and snow/ice management services is large and growing, and Clintar is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. Clintar is starting its expansion in the Northeast, Midwest, and other areas with regular snowfall. The regional conditions, in addition to our streamlined infrastructure, will set any new franchisees up for success.

How Clintar Can Help Elevate Your Business

This expansion into the US presents a great opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to invest in a growing industry. However, there are great benefits for those who are already operating in the outdoor services industry as well. Partnering with Clintar to open your own franchise provides: 

If you are a veteran who is interested in outdoor franchise opportunities, then a Clintar franchise may be an excellent option for you. Clintar offers a special discount to veterans aspiring to be Clintar franchise owners.

What Can You Expect as a Clintar Commercial Landscaping Franchisee?

When starting a landscape franchise with us, you can expect to receive the following:

Our franchisees are the heart of our business, and we are committed to their success. With our support, you can build a thriving landscape and snow/ice management business in one of our new territories.

Looking for a proven business model with a strong track record of success? Consider a Clintar commercial landscaping franchise. Contact us today to learn more!

Clintar’s Franchise Training and Support Helps You Make the Most of a Resilient Industry!

If you’ve been dreaming about becoming a small business owner, maybe even a landscaping specialist in the robust and rewarding commercial landscape industry, but are concerned because you don’t have prior experience in it, don’t worry! Clintar’s franchise training and support will let you be both — a small business owner and an industry expert!

When you become a Clintar franchisee, you’ll benefit from our decades of experience and expertise. We’re committed to ensuring new franchise business owners receive expert guidance that gets them up to speed on everything they need to know about their new landscape management and snow removal business. Read on to find out more about how we’ll keep you ready to meet the needs of your commercial landscape and snow removal clients.

Expert Pre-Opening Franchise Training

We’ve used our decades of industry experience to craft a business model that has established processes and procedures to help you run your franchise smoothly and efficiently. Because our business model is such a comprehensive one, we make sure all our new franchisees enjoy thorough pre-opening training that gets them up to speed on everything they need to know to fully leverage it.

As a Clintar landscaping specialist, you will enjoy one-on-one training with a dedicated franchise advisor who will arrange training sessions that go over all aspects of running your franchise business on a day-to-day basis.

You'll also benefit from classroom instruction and online training opportunities that will keep you current on best practices and industry research. Furthermore, you’ll have access to our proprietary Operations Manual and training documents that discuss all our processes and procedures in detail, allowing you to feel fully prepared to meet the demands and rewards of your new business at all times.

Ongoing Support for a Competitive Advantage in the Commercial Landscaping Business Industry

Because the continued success of the Clintar brand depends on the strength of each franchise location — and because it’s the right thing to do — we work every day to keep you feeling prepared for our recession-resistant industry. Once your franchise doors have opened, you can count on our expert marketing support to help get the word out about everything your franchise has to offer property and facility managers. Our designated team utilizes a comprehensive strategy that includes digital marketing, paid advertising, and online promotions to support the Clintar brand and network of franchises..

You’ll also have access to our customized Franchise Portal, which is accessible from any desktop or mobile device and provides you with the information you need to run your franchise efficiently. It also includes documentation and PDFs for operations, accounting, sales and marketing, and much more.

Fun and Informative Franchise Owner Networking Opportunities

We strongly believe there is strength in numbers and have experienced firsthand how much can be accomplished when we work collectively to enjoy success. Our franchise business owners rely on each other for important feedback, suggestions, and encouragement, and there’s no better time for our brand family to get together than during our Annual Franchise Conference. 

This conference includes informative seminars, brainstorming sessions, award presentations, and fun activities for franchisees. It’s the perfect time for us to get to know each other better and share ideas about how to run a Clintar franchise seamlessly and profitably.

Throughout the year, you'll also have the chance to participate in council meetings and focus groups that target specific topics and address specific needs that may arise during business ownership. Communication is key in any relationship, but especially between franchisor and franchisee, so we make sure the channels remain open at all times.

We’re committed to the success of each and every Clintar franchise business owner, and work hard to help them enjoy regular growth. To find out more about our commercial landscaping franchise opportunity, reach out today!